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He p! He p! Hey, they’re getting away!” Peter, get in the car. That’s what I’m saying. Get in the car. Thank you. What’s up, Ca eb? HO IS: Yeah! [A SHOUTING] You want the truth? He’s dead! Yeah! Justice for a ! You do have a p an, right? I didn’t hear anything about a prisoner transfer. We , you’re hearing it from me. et me see your movement order. CHRISTINA: I got it. Right here. I got everything, just open the gate. [A CHEERING] One more, come on, one more! Yeah! Edgar! Tobias Eaton took Ca eb Prior out of his cage. Come on, et’s go, now. Come on, et’s do some more! You a statue? Open the gate. Did they come through here? et’s get out of here. [ENGINE STARTING] They’re getting away. [BREATHING HEAVI Y] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Tobias Eaton is abetting Ca eb Prior’s escape. That makes him a traitor. Shoot to ki. Nobody goes over that wa. We have our orders. You ready? Yeah. Not the same as reading it in books, huh? CHRISTINA: Okay, coast is c ear. TRIS: It’s time to see what’s out there. Okay. On me. [A ARM B ARING] FOUR:. Re ease now! [GRUNTS] [GROANING] I got him. I’m sorry, Four. Come on, come on! [SCREAMING] TRIS: Christina! [GRUNTS] [GASPS] I’m okay. That part of the p an, stiff? FOUR: Eve yn e ectrifi the fence. [RAPID GUNFIRE] [GROANS] Ugh! [PANTING] We did it. [GUNSHOT] [GROANS] Tori? Tori! Tori. Tori! Tori! Oh, God. Tori? Come on. We gotta go. Come on. No! Tori! [PANTING] Tori Radio oad up! oad up! A right, et’s go. FOUR: Come on, it’s this way. PETER: Ho y. CA EB: What happen here? Didn’t exact y send out the we coming committee for you, stiff. Shut up, Peter. PETER: “Humanity we comes you with hope.” What humanity? This ho e ooks radioactive. Or at east it was in the ast years. Meaning what exact y? PETER: Somebody serious y mess up the wor d. PETER:. Great. Now the sky’s b eeding. This way. Come on, et’s go. Now, come on. [THUNDER RO ING] This is fun. I’m g ad we did this. What if there’s nothing e se out there? There has to be. I’m scared. Yeah. I think that’s a good thing. [THUNDER RO ING] [ENGINE WHIRRING]