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like this, face to face. I just saw your rifle Games your bayonet.. grenades. If we threw all those away.. we could be brothers. But they never want us to know that, do they? They never want us to know. We each have mothers.. fathers.. the same.. fear of death. The same.. pain. The same.. everything. Everything. Forgive me, comfade. I could write.. to your family. Yes.. Yes, I’ll write! ‘Gefard Duval, compositeur. ‘I have killed Gefard Duval the printer.’ Battalion, attention! Present arms! Eyes left! Battalion Commander, sir. Your Majesty, I have the honour to bring you the salute of the th Infantry Battalion. Your Majesty, Soldier Bernard. Your Majesty, Soldier Langer. Your Majesty, Corporal Himmestoss. Battalion! At ease! Officers, non-commissioned officers, enlisted men. The men who have received decorations this day Have all performed actions worthy of our great cause. Henceforth, Germany expects each of you to follow their example. From this day on, your Kaiser urges you all to aspire to such strength, to such bravery, to such obedience to your God and your country. If you do, my soldiers, I am certain you will all one day wear a medal pinned on you by your Kaiser. You have all done your duty as noble German warriors. You have shown the world our might. You have stricken our enemies with fear. With God’s help you are winning a glorious victory for the Fatherland! The Kaiser! Just wait till I tell my father! Ah yes, what’ll you tell him? I’ll tell him I saw the Kaiser up this close! He’ll never believe it! He seemed like a very nice man. Yeah, really nice. You think it’s true they forced him into this war? Well, he couldn’t say no! Why not? Because the generals told him he had to say yes! So the generals started the war? The French generals, yes! The French generals told the Kaiser we had to have war? You don’t understand. Listen what happened Games Careful with these uniforms, boys. They have to be handed down to the next bunch of boys that gets reviewed by the Kaiser. Kat, why do you think we’re in this war?