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No. Ruben, you’ll wake Leopold! Come back to bed! Aren’t you hungry, Ruben? We’ll go eat when no one enters Belgium anymore. Excuse me. Could I cut through? I’ll just fill up at that gas station and go back. Do we Belgians come to France for French gas? No, because it costs more. More than in Belgium? Well, yeah! Whaddaya mean, “Well, yeah!” ? Your gas is better than ours, is that what you mean, hm? Not at all. We have more taxes, that’s why yours is cheaper. If our BELGIAN gas is cheaper in BELGIUM, it’s because it’s for us. Piss off! Hey, you have no right to speak to me like that! I have every right to quell a *Camembert invasion in my country. (frog) Piss off, do a . Zei*! (I said?) I’m not invading Belgium. I just want gas! He touched me! Freeze! Vanuxem! Freeze! Assaulting an officer in the performance of his duty. Vanuxem, cuff him! You’re getting a taste of the Law. You like the taste of asphalt? Monsieur, can we go? One second. Forget about lunch, now. Thanks a lot! Let’s see what’s in there. Head up. Looks like somebody’s home. What have we got in our little bag, hm? Off! Not the briefs, no. No, I’m begging you. Ruben. I think it’s the handcuffs behind him. Oh yeah? Think so? Yeah, how about that! Incredible. See that? Good equipment! Good detector! Is it Belgian? No, Chinese. It’s Chief Willems! Good! All done. You can go, you’re free, buddy. Vandevoorde! Are you responsible for that monster traffic jam? Traffic jam? Where? What did this gentleman do? Him? He’s a suspect. What’s he done that’s suspect? Chief, he’s going about in his undies. Are you crazy?! He told me to undress! Me? No way! Vandevoorde, what did this man do to merit such treatment? Well game He’s French, is that it? No, I don’t think so. Yes, I’m French. Ah, I game I didn’t know. Pleased to meet you. Enough! In my office! Pardon us. Just weeks away from a ‘United Europe’, I take a dim view of your anti-French zeal. Anti-French? Me? No, I adore France. That’s not how everybody sees you. You better calm down. You have a lousy reputation. Best Kaban Sprint Time,Best Kaban Sprint Time Games, Play Best Kaban Sprint Time Games