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Calm down or you’ll go straight to hell ! I don’t give a about hell! I’m gonna burn this Frog turd! Ruben, my friend game I’m NOT your friend! Your sister loves me! Shut your trap, Camembert*! Louise! What’s going on? I told your brother, he went nuts! Forgive me. Go ahead, shoot. Kill me in front of your sister! Go on! NO! You’ll have to kill us both. Outta the way! I’m unhappy without this ‘filthy Frog’ as you say. Move! You know why we split? Each time I woke up in his arms my first waking thought was game how to avoid this drama with my family. How do I know you didn’t fall for him as a provocation? Just to your family! Yes! I’d hoped there’d be no future in it! I even regretted my words of love. But when he proposed to me I was blown over. Really, blown over. And I was afraid game of your dumb- racism*. (jingoism) That’s why I’m not with the love of my life, Ruben. I love you. I love you, Louise. Darling, I love you. I love you. Happy New Year, Louise Vandevoorde. Happy New Year, Mathias Ducatel. don’t want us ever to part again. Me neither. – Hello. Is Ducatel there? – Yes, he is. Put him on. For you. This is Mercier. Come right away. Yeah. A BMW ran the checkpoint at Kmh. – OK. Coming. Hurry. Quick as I can. Gotta go, a BMW got away doing . They want me to intercept it. Be careful. It’s Ruben that worries me. Hello? We’re in position. Can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Aw, shit! They missed it at the toll. A BMW, midnight blue, with French plates. Not gonna say “I knew it”? What? I said French plates. You don’t say “Obviously”? No! Ruben, I just want Louise to be happy. Live your whole life with my sister. Because the day you separate, I whack you. Got it? I’m so glad we’ll be brothers-in-law. Talk to me about that after the divorce. That’s it! Go! Stick to them! Don’t lean out! It’s too dangerous! We’re going too fast! Move! Oh, god! It’s OK. We got’em! We’ll fit. We can make it! ! Try not to lose the motor, too! Freeze! Cut your engine! Out of the car! Hands up! Hands up! Jacques, what the are you up to? Best Kookin’ Kids Tİme 4