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Maybe, uh Games It was winter. Maybe I just used his dick as a scarf. Let’s go. What? Hey, Tom. This is Alice. She’s newly single and needs to hook up with a random stranger. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Let me buy you a drink. Here you go. Thanks. Uh, thanks. Let me buy you a drink. (LAUGHS) Welcome to the party. Umm, cheers. (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) Whoo! Come on! Yeah! Ha! Hi! Yeah! Hey. Hi. Whoa! Whoa! She just hit you in the face! Oh! Rumspringa! (GROANS) MEG: Morning, sunshine. No. No, Meg! Ow! (GROANS) Oh, my God. Wakey-wakey. (BOTH LAUGHING) A doctor? (MEG SCREAMS) Did I have with a doctor? Did we have ? No. No? No, we didn’t have . I didn’t sleep with anybody? No, I don’t think so. Why does it smell like weed in here? You have a little Games What? It’s in your hair now. It’s just right Games What? It Games No, I just have long eyelashes. It’s a Games You have a joint clinging Games Oh Games Yay! Free coffee! Uh, take two Tylenol, and make yourself some breakfast. ALICE: I love you. Love, love you. (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (CHUCKLES) Your roommate seems pretty cool. Oh, she’s my sister. Really? Mmm-hmm. Uh, then I think I might have pissed in your sister’s litter box. That’s a Zen garden. The cat has a Zen garden? ALICE: There’s no cat. (MAN GROANS) Where am I? I knew I had in this apartment! Oh, yeah. What’s up? Okay, where are we? (SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) Um, Broadway and th. Um Games We have to be at work in minutes, so we should probably go this way. It’s okay, I can do this in . Wait, do what? Let’s go. Wait, do what? Time me! Step one. That stuff is for babies. Babies with hangovers. (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) (SNORTS) Baba, are we good? Payment accepted. Let’s go. (ROCK MUSIC CONTINUES) Hi! Yeah, hi. I’m really interested in buying a lot of your products but first I need you to put all of them on my face, in a very nice way, for free. I’m gonna need a full face, with a side of “Wow.” Okay. Mimosa, hold the orange juice. Here. Come on. Gimme. (HAIR DRYER HISSING) Nailed it. You’re three-and-a-half hours late.