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very moment throughout my life. I prayed to Lord day and night.. that he could return your power of speech. And, today since you’ve regained that speech.. seems all that joy is lost somewhere. Why did you do all this, Ria? What did you wanted? Raj? You were in love with him, isn’t it? For once.. Had you told me for once, then I would have.. game myself got away from your path. So, what’s the problem now? You’ve got into everything now. What happened? Why did you seal your lips? Everyone brags a lot, but the selfish nature overtakes. I’ve demanded something from you for the first time.. ..and you’ve completely gone mum. You love a great deal with me, isn’t it? Give me back my love that you snatched away from me. Snatched away? And me? You’ve snatched away Raj from me. That day on the show, wherein I saw him for the first time.. game I fell in love with him then and there. And, I was even searching for him. But, you.. ..jumped into my search and my love. Do you remember what Raj said that day at the pool? Had he met me before Sia, then he would have.. ..fallen in love with me rather than with Sia. So, now.. give me back my Raj. Ria, how can you give Raj? It’s very easy. From today on.. you become deaf and dumb.. ..that is, you become Ria. And, I’ll become Sia and stay along with Raj. Ria, you don’t understand anything. Raj is not only my love, but he’s also my husband! He’s my husband! And, no woman in the world will give.. ..her husband to anyone else. No matter whether she’s her own blood sister. Really? How can Raj be your husband? He has just got married to you. But, he has spent that first matrimonial night with me. Ria, what cheap talk you’re indulging in? By cheating someone or by deceiving someone.. doesn’t mean that you’ve achieved him! Raj loves only me. And, we love each other. So, better, get away from between us! Shun your insistence and forget Raj! I should forget Raj?! I should forget to breathe?! You mean I should forget to live?! You’ll tell me what should I be doing?! I can forget myself