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All Laughing Schwartz Whinnies How much have we got? Oh, about $ less than we need. Great. I’ll be taking my grandchildren to Hawaii. Why would Wally want to give me his horse? Schwartz Whinnies He has a thing for you. Oh, David! Whinnying Continues She’s lonely, Mom. Listen to her. Can I go out and keep her company a while? No, you can go up to bed. Both of you. Groans Can’t I watch TV? Mm-mm. Give me a kiss. Thanks, Dad. Good night, Dad. Oh! You know, you’ve completely ruined your daughter’s chances for a happy marriage. Where on earth is she gonna find a guy who’ll win her dream horse in a poker game? Well game what have I done for my chances for a happy marriage? Laughing Mmm. I take it back. This is why they call me Lucky Dave. Laughs Whinnying Continues Grunts Oh, maybe Lynn’s right. Maybe I should go bed down in her stall just for the first night. Sighs Or you were hoping I’d bed down in yours? Yes. Show a little appreciation? Somethin’ like that. Oh, sorry, Schwartz. Man On Radio Kansas City’s number-one-rated country music game Lynn Mom, do you know where my backpack is? Mom No. You think back to where you last saw it. Dog Barking, Chickens Clucking Lynn Found it! Did you make your bed? I’ll do it before we leave. Hey, Mom, I want to ride Schwartz. A little later. You said I could ride him. Yeah. It’s a her. How do you know? After school you can. Promise? Uh-huh. Scout’s honor. Get the oil changed in the car today. Yeah. I’ll drop it off on my way. Okay, troops game we have five minutes. Man On Radio, Indistinct Ooh! Strong, darlin’. Fertilizer should be in in a couple of weeks. Good. And you can tell Nancy that game Continues, Indistinct Thanks, Lori. See you next week. Hey, Doc. Hey, Lori. Looks like the airline’s got you busy. Yeah, I’m flying K.C.- Denver-San Francisco this month. And I’m plantin’ my crops whenever I have a few minutes. Ooh. So, are you still seein’ patients too? Not for years. That was another life. I wouldn’t know a stethoscope if it jumped up and strangled me. Oh, I hear you have a new mouth to feed over at your place.