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in these tiny little taxis and cars. And Jim was the one who came up with the idea of raising money to get an ambulance for the hospital. And he was in touch with everybody and there was an ambulance that was like a secondhand ambulance that was coming from Austria and Jim and I actually made one trip in and we saw the ambulance sitting outside of the hospital. And that moment of joy on his face was priceless. He was just like, “It made it, that’s awesome.” I would say the flip side of his willingness to get out there and do things is that like, okay, you get an ambulance into Syria, some militia is gonna commandeer it and use it for their own purposes, they’re gonna put an anti aircraft in the back of it, like go blow up. Jim was not focused on that kind of issue. Like he would think about what’s the best-case scenario, not how things could go wrong. It becomes very personal because we have to live amongst the local population, and it’s such like this brutal, endless conflict that you just, you feel so, kind of alone in the sense that you can’t do anything about it, you can’t do anything for these people. For the people you’ve made friends with, and for the people who took you in and shared their food with you and wanted you to play with their children. We become the intimate chroniclers of this conflict. We don’t have bureaus to go back to. You’re there and every moment, you share with the locals. And I think there was just this enormous guilt that rode on Jim’s back that made him feel so compelled to do much more than just record video and file it. There were times where he was offering up video for free and I would chastise him for it. I’d be like, “What are you doing?” He was like “Nah, you know, whatever, it’s fine, it’s all good,” and “I just want to make sure the video gets out there.” Jim’s the kind of guy who never needed much. Some of the lifestyle of a conflict journalist is tough, but that didn’t bother Jim. The only possessions I think Jim cared about were books and CD’s. I mean, his camera ultimately.