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No cheating. Going to Whole Foods now, any dietary restrictions? I don’t think so. Screw it. You guys, I’m so excited. Yay! All right. See you later. Kurt. Bye, buddy. Wow, he seems cool. Best case scenario, I think we just made our first new friends. Yeah. Yeah. Worst case? We have a boring night and we go home early. Whoa. Oh, wow. That’s a pretty nice house. Up, please. Oh, sweetie, it’s only a little bit further. Here. Will you take that? Yeah. Okay. Come here. Come here. Want a little bit of a games What have you been eating? What’s in your belly? What the , hun? Food! Food? Honey. Yeah. What? This is Two-Buck Chuck. We can’t bring this to the dinner party. Why? Why? ‘Cause it’s two bucks. It’s what we had. I didn’t think it was gonna make a difference. This is like what year-old cook with. Oh, sweetie. It’s fine. It’s fine, right? It’s kind of a lame move. I games I think what you’re doing right now is kind of a lame move. Hello! Hey. Welcome, new friends. I’m Charlotte. Hi. You must be Alex. Come on in. Come on in. Okay. Thank you. I’m just gonna kiss your cheeks. Mmm. Okay. And you must be Emily. Yes. Beauty! Whoo! Well, thank you. Thank you for that. Let that kid down. We’ll have them run free here. All right. There we go. Hello, sweet pea. Do you wanna eat pizza until your belly explodes? Yeah! Yeah? Oh, I know someone who’s been waiting to play with him all day long. Come on in, please. Thank you. Um, here you go. This is from a farm up north. It’s our friend’s farm. Wow! Yeah, that’s why there’s no label, ’cause they recycle the bottles. Oh. Okay. So games It’s organic. Great. Wow. Well, thank you so much, Alex. Great. Come on in. The boys are just finishing their homework. I’m gonna get you with my horse! I’m gonna get you with my horse! All right, last one. Last one. “Vamos a la biblioteca. ” Biblioteca! Right. Hey. Hey. Bienvenudos, guys. Ciao. Hey. Kurt is speaking Spanish with Max in anticipation for some work we’re gonna be doing in Ecuador. Oh, wow! That’s amazing. Mm-hmm. But with me it’s mostly French.