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Please! Darling game No, Mathias don’t complicate things. Help me, please. It’s over. It’s better this way. You won’t regret buying this place. It’s a gold mine, and runs itself, doesn’t it, Jacques? True. The cash-flow alone game verges on the indecent. Why are you selling, if it’s such a good deal? My husband is very sick. He suffers from an incurable disease, gnawing at him, little by little. It’s true, I must say, I’m very sick. Meanwhile we’d like to profit from his illness. I mean, take a little time to game To get better. And game game so I have time to heal. Time to cure an incurable illness? Hm. Hope springs eternal, as they say. Don’t strain yourselves making up stuff. I know your financial situation is dire. Customs agents eat lunch here every day. That’s exactly what interests me. How’s that? I, too, run a border business threatened by a united Europe. I sneak stuff from country to country. Contraband? Call it what you want. It’s nothing nasty. Hi-fi equipment, cigarettes, to boost my monthly cash-flow. What would you do in my place? We prefer to remain honest, Monsieur. Let me make you a proposition. We’ll have no part of your scheme! Calm down, they’ll hear. Don’t look. Do NOT look at them! Bonjour. Look, Irene, I’m game I’m not asking you to smuggle. Just keep an open ear on their table to know where and when they set up the mobile customs. We won’t stoop to that. How much is in there? Irene, return the envelope, immediately. No, keep it for now. Go serve Vanuxem. Out of the question! It’s no big deal. I’ll contact you soon; you can give me information or return the money. Take the time to reflect on it. I’ve reflected. [CUSTOMS DO NOT PROCEED] It’s not that I detest the French, it’s the French who are detestable. Yeah, you’re right. You agree? Of course, we’re often arrogant, scornful, moaners. Exactly. Take ‘Belgian jokes’. You’re right, they’re detestable. Glad you recognize that. Why do you think my colleagues mock you? They’re frog assholes! No, they’re jealous. Jealous of what? Jealous of you! Best Nice To Bounce Heaven