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the universe and it all TV planets and then the sky. The flower is real, but the trees do not. Spiders are real and once mosquito, What I drank blood. But squirrels and dogs are just on TV, except Lucky, that’s my dog. One day might come. The mountains are too big to to be true. Sea too. The TV people are of flat and the manufacture of paints, But you and I are real. I do not know if the devil is real. Maybe only half? , game , game What is it? Toothache. Can I take it? Ms. You drove her! It was a living thing, It was real! She would steal food. Can have my food, I’m not hungry. Brought here by germs and biting us in sleep. Mouse is my friend and you sprawled on her badge. Nerozplácla is as healthy as beets. You want me to fool? No, Jack, I swear, It is safe at home in the backyard his Mom. What backyard? The mouse lives in the backyard on TV? Come on, get out of this UFO. Why did not you tell Hell, I have a birthday? It’s not our friend. He said he would buy me a present. You should not listen to it. You should sleep. I have never received a gift. He did not mean it. Could it be my dog, Lucky. Jack, we can not have a dog. The room is not the place. There is no place and barked and scratched it. Lucky promises that it will not scratch. Lucky there! There! No, it does not exist. You invented him in the head, it is not true. Sorry. Come here. Sorry. Sorry. You’re right. Listen game Where are we when we sleep? Right here in this room. But dreams. We go to the television dream? We have never been anywhere other than here. I think that the Devil lives on TV such as a mouse. Can I open it? Hm. Yes! Why aliens do not shout back? Probably not hear us. So even louder, right? Yeah. I’ll kill you! Mom, attacking me! But not! I have you! Mom, what stinks? Whore! Hey. What’s that smell? Sorry, I burnt cheese. I do not think so. Well, do not with your mind strong side. I know. Yeah. Sit down. Thanks. So how I liked the car? No? Yeah. I know the boys. Vitamins? This is a waste of money. Nothing in them. If we had better food game Damn, not again.