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Give me a hand! Mount up! Help me up! Sure, Your Fierceness Away! Minstrels! Follow them! Romantically! How can you be such a stubborn, annoying, stuck-up chick, Me stubborn? And not understand that if I make a fool of myself in front of all these people, trying to apologize it’s not to make fun of you, but to say that I love you! You what? Did he just say that he loved me? Tomek! Stop that horse! Oh my God! Ania? Is that the crazy lady from your school? Now I understand. Are you okay? The horse ravished me I didn’t catch what you said. I said you were the most stubborn Not that. I’m in love with you. Wilczyński in love? His friends confirm! Viewers departed with Wilk? Head of network to be replaced. The man behind Wilk. Producer Marcel shares his new plans. Rough Cut: Star stylist talks about love, family and hair psychology. How one show turned a school into a hotbed of musical talent. How a family feud helped a teenager make a hit communicator for parents and kids. All real estate the characters live in is inherited.