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Let’s not talk about me. You got a boyfriend now, right? No, not at all. You don’t? Right. Why didn’t you bring him? I didn’t want to, no games So Chris is ing Jen? Yeah. And you’re just hanging out like everything’s fine? You sound like my shrink now. Wow. And you and Jen are working it out? Does it look like we’re working it out, Brenda? You just called her your girlfriend. Did I? Yeah, you did. No, no, we’re not working it out. Anyway, they don’t know that I know what I know. I think they suspect, but I’m gonna let it ride for a little bit, watch them squirm. Oh my God. That sounds fun. What I did do is move the out in record time. You lived together. Wow. Yeah, but it wasn’t games I’m sorry. You don’t have to be sorry, come on, that’s ancient history, it’s all good. Speaking of which games My current living situation games Yeah? I have this amazing month to month great deal, except there’s a slight chance that they might take it away from me. And of course they took it away from me. That sucks. Yeah. So where are you games I don’t know, I don’t know. I may stay with Laurie. Uh huh, Laurie. I may have to ask the dude, but I really don’t want to. There’s no way I’m gonna find a place before I have to move out, so I don’t know. I don’t know. Stay with me. What? Excuse me? At my new, big, empty, lonely, fancy place. Seriously, I have two extra rooms, it’s huge. Ask Trisha, she’s the one that set it up for me. I can’t use all that ing space, I don’t know what to do with it. What’s that? What, what’s that look? No, no, I’m gonna stay with Laurie. I think that’s a better idea. I’m saying move on, not just crash for awhile, make it your own. Just pay whatever you paid at your old place. David games Brenda. What about all my stuff? Your stuff? Yeah. Bring it, bring it, bring all that, I got nothing, literally nothing, it’s like a luxury jail cell there. Just, just come look at it. No pressure. Plus, I don’t know, I games I miss the laughs we had. Remember? We could use some laughs, right? Just come take a look at it.