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Yes. But when all is over we will have to leave, Gonzalo. It is necessary for you to know who this woman is. She is from the family of your pursuers. I know this. Nothing that comes from this family is unknown to me. You made me come back to life and pleasure. And you must continue to serve me. As before. But Radio You’re forgetting your duties towards your guest, Gonzalo. You told me that this wine was very old. How strange. I barely tasted it. The necklace! You do not remember? You have given it back to me. It’s better. I thought I had lost it. It’s late. I gotta go. I’m needed for dinner. I’ll lead you to the door. Thank you Gonzalo for introducing me to your home. All this is so fascinating that for a while I thought I was in a dream. But what is life, Lucia, but a strange dream. Who goes there? Ah, it’s you. It is so cold that I thought a warm punch would do you some good. Nobody asked you but now that you made it. It’s not bad but I do hate that you do something without consulting me first. I understand now why we’ve spent so much this month. Go away now. I can’t. I must wait. For what? Your death. What did you say Lucia? I am not Lucia, my name is Fausta. And all this will be mine. For that you must die. You’ve become crazy! The poison begins to take effect, Lady. I do not know how this may please you. I’ll see if mom needs something. If she’s sleeping, do not wake her up. It will be quieter that way. This is the best time of the day. Too bad my mother-in-law sleeps so little. Pablo! Marcos! The results of the autopsy are final. This woman was poisoned. Now Radio we must know who did it and why. I can not believe this is the work of a stranger. What are you getting at, Inspector. I mean that the culprit came to visit the victim, Madame. To digest a charge as direct there’s nothing like a glass of alcohol. Marcos! Oh, no, no Radio For years I’ve endured her tyranny. You will not take her place now. The poison was analyzed, Inspector? Yes. It is an ancient formula known under the name Radio “Borgias toxic”