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But you’ve overdone it. It isn’t easy for any man to overlook lovers. Well, my devourer oflovers. And all that because you’re still in love with that crazy husband of yours. But why? Maybe you’ll succeed. I shall. Didn’t you see how furious he was? He’s jealous. That’s good. But it’s not enough. You can’t live with imaginary lovers. What you need is one real one. We’ll soon settle this. Come. Elisabeth Peter. You want to divorce your wife? I do. Right. And you want to divorce your husband? Yes, I do. Right. We’ll choose another wife for you the Mecklenburg girl or the Oldenburg woman. Right? Right. And you will go back to your mother, right? Right. I’ll settle the matter as soon as possible. In the meantime, no scandal. You will both behave as if nothing had happened. You’ll hear my further decisions later. Thank you. Shall we go? Right. You know, I’m beginning to like you now that I don’t have to. I always felt you could be very charming if one weren’t married to you. Good-bye. Good-bye. Oh, um, your rooms Y-You find them nice and comfortable? Yes, my rooms are charming. Good-bye. Have a good time. Good time? Yes. I saw your carriage waiting. Who is the reason tonight? Anna Talitzyn. Oh. The most charming woman in Petersburg. And you? Opera with Borodin. Oh. The most disgusting fellow in Petersburg. Chuckles Tastes differ. Good-bye. Good-bye. Oh, wait! Uh, little Catherine. Uh Uh Why not Chuckles Why not dine with me? Oh, what a gorgeous idea. Both Chuckling Lecocq! Lecocq. Lecocq, s-send a message to the Princess Talitzyn. Tell her I can’t come along tonight because because Well, you always know what to say. Yes, and another message to Lieutenant Borodin with my deepest regrets. Very well, Your Highness. Catherine Giggling Dinner tonight will be served in the blue room. Blue room? Next to Her Highness’s bedroom. Maitre Duval! The dinner tonight should be light. Oh, bubbling, not not a family affair but sufficient for the first stages of a Sighs You know what I mean. And the wine, Tokay, of a vintage to make up a woman’s mind.