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on first ride? Who else, he would say mom as usual! That is a sports car and mom does not like speed. Will you then take sister in law?She does not like cars Ok, will you take Priya?I do not like her Ok, you say who then? Hey, in my present situation think taking who is correct? Look from my point of view. What is there in your point of view? there is dog Oh, Meera? Understood! Understood! But, none at home should understand This is a bigger problem than India and Pakistan. It is easy to go for a war. But it is very difficult to handle ladies. Their ego is more powerful than the Uranium bomb. Understood the problem, say what is the solution. We pick slips so that none feels and write name of Meera on all of those. Why have all surrounded? Will they hit? Mom ..Yes. It is good taking ladies for the first ride in car, right? All other ladies feel if I take one right?Yes Saying so, we cannot take all at once ina two seater car right? So, if we fix throwing slips none would feel right? Yes Hey Gibbs! Hey Gibbs! Gibbs! He is gone saying his mom called.He said to give you this. Assistants again for this fellow Oh! Mom, pick a slip with your golden hands Why me dear? Why do you not some other pick? Your name may come if you pick it Ok! Did you get your name? Your name has come, right? I know that your name would come. Why are you looking so mom? Has your name not come? Sorry mom, whose name has come? Your name, no! Why are you shocked so dear? Did you think, it will not come? come on mom.. I wanted it to come and the same came. Thus I got shocked. Yes..correct. Mom, see how are they all smiling as they cannot cry. How do you know that is crying? Only that comes when we think of something and the other happens, right? Correct, what shall we do now? We will go for best of three mom, please One minute. Your name again… Smile or a cry? Smile mom. Your name came again and thus am smiling Whatever but Gibbs loves me a lot. He thus wrote my name on all the chits. Bloody fellow, I had given him this idea mom. I am also.. I thought, but sorry dear. But why? I am not coming. I do not like speed and added it is a sports car. I think ..I heard that somewhere.. Ok, will you take Siri sister? I do not like car Oh no.. Ok, take Priya I do not like him See bro..they calling. Ok, will you take Meera? Mom! Sit mummy… ChaiYes One second I liked your intention to take mom for the first ride You dealt cute without hurting anybody. I am very much impressed Thank youBye Sorry mom. I do not know what she feels about me to tell you this. What is less in you, everyone will like you. Do not delay, go and say. Thanks mom! What are you seeing? ::. –> ::. align:center I have not seen anything You have seen and I saw that Come on, I am saying did not see You were seeing and agree I mean, was watching the tower and your back came in between Do not act smart Keerthi Seenu Keerthi Seenu Keerthi Seenu Seenu Why are you shouting Seenu like a bull? Let us leave Seenu Where will you leave? You push a lot till we come and can you not be still?