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we should get on it. Come on, Izzy. I mean, what could possibly be more valuable than a cherished childhood moment? Okay, yeah, seriously. What are the ground rules here? I mean, the place gets plowed over tomorrow so I guess it’s all fair game. But just ask me first. Deal? Deal. See you, kids. Have fun. Be safe. Can we just look around some? Sure. You alright? Yeah. What’s down here? The kitchen, basement. Oh, good. A dark basement in an old, abandoned house. Jesus. Is that It’s blood. I don’t like this, Maddy. Let’s get out of here. No, no, no. It’s it’s okay. I can I can handle this. What is she doing up there, anyway? I don’t know. Come on. Yeah. Yeah, jackpot. Yeah. Is that you guys? What are you doing in here? I had this vague memory of your mom’s leather jacket, but I can’t seem to find it. Did you check the closet? No. You mean, this old thing? Yes. You’re not really gonna take that thing, are ya? What? It’s vintage. It’s weird. It’s free. Okay, you guys. Whatever. Bye. Hey. Why are you being such a jerk?