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No! Lindsey… Lindsey! We’ve cleared the area, come with us, you’ll be safe. Stop! Chris! Hey Meyer! You got through, I don’t believe it. As for my team though… they weren’t so lucky. Your daughter? Gone. Taken. Well, you’re here now. If anyone can keep you safe, it’s us. I don’t think there is a safe place anymore. You’re still alive. I thought they’d killed you. What did they do to you? I know their plan. They showed you? She told me. She? Your queen. She got into my head. And she told me. They are a dying race. Going planet to planet harvesting for her. Their last queen. And they’re keeping her alive. Oh my God. I have seen their plan. And we’re all going to die. No no no! Don’t lose hope. Look, I need you. Look look look. We still have the beacon. It should be charged now. We can contact Control. Tell them to bring the fight here. Get these bastards where they live. How? Just stay strong with me. Southard. Ah, Captain. Are you all right? No, please tell me there’s a plan. We’re working on it. Oh! Oh! Kill good, you bastard! James! Hang on! Oh, it hurts! Gonna get you out of here. Oh, no, get out of here! Go! Get out of here! Go! Oh God! Mission Control, this is Captain James Wheeler, do you copy? Over. Mission Control, this is Captain Wheeler. Do you copy? I hope you’re reading this. We have encountered… …alien hostiles. And found that they are abducting humans and bringing in to their home planet. There are several… hundreds more in captivity. We found a way to travel through one of their orb transports and I suggest you do the same. They are a dying, desperate race. There is still hope for us to wipe them out. The asteroid is a launching dock. Fly to it and fire a nuke into the cave near the tracking rods that we’ve marked. That will blast it from its core. My… My entire team, they died as heroes. Please, don’t let their deaths be in vain. You give ’em power and the best of luck to you all. If you are listening to this, you are the resistance. Mankind’s final hope. Over and out. They’re coming.