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Nothing nothing? Maybe. It’s a matter of hormones. She could still be pregnant. If she doesn’t have her period, she has to get tested. , liras down the drain game Sorry, I’m stressed out. You all call Mr. Santoro “foam mouth” and I can see why. You call Miss Paternesi “Alien” and she looks just like one. You haven’t given me some nickname now, have you? I have to go now. Tell me, it won’t hurt my feelings. It won’t? Of course not. Well game I’ve heard game Some people say game But not me! Come on! They say: “The Prick”. Thanks for everything, bye. “The Prick” game that’s gratifying game What are you doing? Why aren’t you studying? That thing you do with books before exams game Mom’s right. You are boring. Well, at least that’s a step up from being a prick. I’m going to flunk. I win, I’m going to be a father. You might be. I’ll flunk for sure. Guys, it’s ready. Massimo, I made pesto sauce, your favourite. Thanks, ma’am. Right game as if you deserved it. Fate was being totally ruthless with us. There was only one thing that could cheer us up that night. Cheers, cheers, cover me in kisses game Cheers, cheers, taste it then tell me game Cheers, cheers, we’ll be good friends game Man oh man, you guys are lame. All right, I know. Let’s make this night worth it. Ever gone km/hr? On a Vespa? With Daddy’s Porsche. And now, the climax. Let’s go check out the whores! All right! Can I drive? Are you crazy? Just once, what’s the big deal? Come on. Make one scratch and my dad will break our legs. Relax, at driving school they called me Niki Lauda. Whatever game I always ask and you never let me! Well, he’s going to flunk school, this is his last wish. Thanks a lot. Hey Niki Lauda game Go yourself! You did . million liras of damage! Simona’s going to wait a week to go to the gynaecologist. My dad comes back Wednesday, where will I find the money? If she’s pregnant, my life has bit the dust. We can’t do a robbery because we’re not credible. No one would ever loan us any money. We need a brilliant plan but