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More than anything in the entire world. Jackie Laurel, folks! And now an old favorite, folks. Ferghis Daley. Jackie! Jackie! Hey! Hey. Hey. What’s wrong? Hey, come here. He’s not gonna take her from you. He’s got money. He’s got family money. He’s got this attorney already, I can’t games Hey. He’s not gonna take her from you. How do you know? Because you’re not gonna let him. Who told you not to sing? No games no one games no one told me not to sing. A song is havin’ something to say. You got songs and you don’t sing ’em. Why? Someone tell you they didn’t wanna hear? No. Who told you not to sing? Hm? I sang. Oh, like you did tonight? No, you’re right. Of course, you’re right. You games you ask yourself, “How’d I get here?” You know? And you chose to be here. Chose this song, not that one, that city, that condo, that loan, that man. And here you are. Here you are, you know? No. You don’t ever ask yourself how you got here? No. Not ever? Every day I say, where am I gonna go next? How am I gonna get there? There’s this guy in Portland, friend of a friend. He has a sound studio there. Says he wants to record Georgie and me. Good. It’s good, do it. Yeah? Yeah. Sing ’em that song, the one that’s about me, yeah? Wh games what song? It’s about me, isn’t it? What is? Your song. Hey. Hey. You gonna take me back down? You wanna go back down? No. Okay. My dad’s an asshole. Well games I’m sure he loves you. Doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole. How was your dad? I had a stepdad. How was he? He was an asshole. How long are you gonna stay? Well, I gotta get done fixing this roof first. Then? Well, hard to say. No, it isn’t. Hey, Cowboy, it’s Ryan again. Sorry I keep leavin’ you all these messages, man. I just really want to talk to you about this music thing I’ve been trying to work out. Anyway, just, uh, I don’t know, give me a call when you get a chance. Talk to you soon. All right, be safe. Bye. So, uh, how much? $. We can give you a student discount. Yeah? Yeah, percent, with tax, about $. I might be back. Thank you. Yeah.