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Dear Diary, I have again become the best student. But what of Ducobu? He has a Lawless Heart Games Help Me, I’m Lost Games Ducobu, I love you. Do not bother. x . It’s already pm. Why are not you in bed? What are you doing? Homework. Rest. You’re doing too much. Yeah. Okay. Continue. x . x . You’ll get zero Games Bad luck! He’s even dumber than me! Love Relationships for Dummies Chapter . How to make the first move. If you’re too timid, your lover may get tired of waiting . If you continue to peek, I’ll shoot! I have not cheated. You’ll see. I’ll put up a partition so that you will not blame me. Good. Do not be stingy with compliments. Women adore it. Surprise. I’ll shoot! Tut, tut, tut. I warned you! Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I thought were Ducobu. Do not worry, Gratin. I think I know against whom the measure was aimed. Do you find it funny, Ducobu? To the board! Immediately. Look! Latouche goes on the offensive. Thank you. You have a very beautiful hairstyle. Thank you. You look like my mom. Of course, when she was younger. I bet that she is his Rik Sputnik. He will not waste time on sighing. Like me. Pity. Look, I just like holidays. My stepfather is the love of my mother’s life. He is very nice to me. He never hits me and gives me everything I want. And the Marquis told him. Colon, open quotes. I’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of you. What is this? Every young writer likes to save time. To send instant messaging messages I’ll also save time. I will give you a zero right now. So Games This means that Games I love you. Excitement. End of dictation. I need to see Mademoiselle Games the Director. I love you. Checking this test has been traumatic for me. One might think that a cyclone of mediocrity has hit. Molas, in the corner! Quiet! I got your note, Mademoiselle Rato. I didn’t write a note. What? And you too, did not write one? I think we were victims of an evil joke. It is likely. I’m sorry. Me too. Who do I see? Mademoiselle Rato! Excitement. You have a very beautiful legs. Just like my greatgrandmother