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I have never seen you two like this. I know. It’s so awesome. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. It’s amazing. Okay, I think that’s everything. Oh, babe, could you just grab the spoons for dessert? What? The dessert spoons, honey. Right, yeah. For dessert, yeah. There you go. Okay, right, okay. All right, thank you. All right. Love you. So, what happens when they go away like that? I’m not sure. Where do they go? I don’t know, but sometimes I wish he would just stay there longer. You know, it gives me a break, too. Can you I feel bad. Tell me what else to do. No, no, no. Just go sit down. Are you sure? Yes, please. Okay. Please, go sit down. Yes. Take those off. Come inside me. What? Don’t pull out this time. I’m ready. I’m ready to try again. That’s like a bigger, that’s like a bigger That’s like, um. What? What’s wrong? Nothing, it’s just, that’s like a, you know, a bigger conversation. Okay. I mean, I just thought, what are we Yeah, I know, it’s just What are we waiting for at this point? You’re the one that didn’t wanna.