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BITTER VILLAGE PREMIER LEAGUE And if Balasahed bansode hits a six he will be awarded a three wheeled bycycle what are you says man! a chance to win k betraying his own team Where exeactly the captain is? Have you seen parshya? —no player should work on thier practice and captain should not ditch their teams like this And if no one cares.. Just stop the bul you moron who’ll look after the cows? your father? Hello, Sakuna aunty! He is our Billy Bowden . let him stay.. Billy Bowden my ass! Billy has to take care of the damn cattle Even fathers of two kids are playing like kids out here Put it down Aani i’ll do it myself put it down there i’ll put parshya Hang on Put it down properly Damn it! And you are the captain So let the captain have some water Look at that . she’s gone Alright. Let’s go You couldn’t get water at the game? You should have opened the innings but you disappered We are saven down Mangya’s batting . he’s killing us Play the music! welcome them! Young leadership of the village also known as the roaring tiger Out leader our staunch support Maharashtra’s future. prince Dada patil has materialized on the stadium Games .. I request prince Dada and Aaba to please climb up Games the leader hey, someone hold the leader, man I request him to come to the pavillion and take his designated seat Welcome him with a round of applause. This is tough final game between Bitter Village and Bad boys No easy to beat the Bad boys And suddenly Prashant kale has arrived on the Ground Mangya get out of here Just one more pls Go! what a man he is? parshya you are our only hope Don’t worry about it I here Now Games Dhoni of Bitter Village Hit a six prashant All round player Now let us see what prashant kale can do for his team One fight atomsphere fight and it’s a four Our drums and player can beat any cheer girl any day A four in Billy bowden’s Unique style. Don’tlook with spite This tiger’s hit a six Number one Games flames and smoke toghther! And it’s a blast Games We are winning!! prashant kale has brought his