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the industry, we are all at the service of the war now. The war. The war. Damn the bloody war! The war has skimmed off the cream, and we’re left with the rancid curds! I’m sorry I took so long. There was a bomb crater on the Marylebone Road. Oh! No one told me there was a meeting. No, we’ve been rather trying to keep this under wraps for the present. It seems that there’s a someone in Mr. Swain’s department who knows a someone who says that the Starling sisters never got to Dunkirk. That their engine broke down before they were even out of British waters. Pity. Pity all round, really. Your first draft boded so well. Well Games So the Starling sisters lied? What difference does it really make? For God’s sake, of course it makes a difference. It’s not the truth. The truth is, they stole a boat from a man who terrified them and set out to cross miles of open sea into a war. They never got there. Because their engine failed. Now, there’s a truth we won’t be telling. Morale-sapping, apparently. We pick our truths.