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we open up his relationship with his father… …and say, “I will not follow in my father’s footsteps.” Then the next level down, we feed him, “I will create something for myself.” Then, by the time we hit the bottom level, we bring out the big guns. “My father doesn’t want me to be him.” Exactly. Three layers down, the dreams are gonna collapse with the slightest disturbance. Sedation. For sleep stable enough to create three layers of dreaming… …we’ll have to combine it with an extremely powerful sedative. Good night. The compound we’ll be using to share the dream… …creates a clear connection between dreamers… …whilst accelerating brain function. In other words, more time on each level. Brain function in the dream will be about times normal. And when you enter a dream within that dream, the effect is compounded. It’s three dreams, that’s hours times … Math was never my strong subject. How much time is that? It’s a week, the first level down. Six months the second level down, and the third level… That’s years. Who’d wanna be stuck in a dream for years? Depends on the dream. So once we’ve made the plant, how do we get out? I’m hoping you have something more elegant than shooting me in the head. A kick. What’s a kick? This, Ariadne, would be a kick. It’s that feeling of falling you get that jolts you awake. Snaps you out of the dream. We gonna feel a kick with this sedation? That’s the clever part. I customized the sedative to leave inner-ear function unimpaired. That way, however deep the sleep, the sleeper still feels falling. Or tipping. The trick is to synchronize a kick that can penetrate all three levels. We could use a musical countdown to synchronize the different kicks. He hasn’t got any surgery scheduled, no dental, nothing. Wasn’t he supposed to have a knee operation? Nothing. Nothing that they’ll put him under for, anyway. And we need… We need at least a good hours. Sydney to Los Angeles. One of the longest flights in the world. He makes it every two weeks. He must be flying private, then.