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We need some condensed milk, and a big can of shortening. You’ll find it on the far shelf. Thank you. I think that about does it. I need some matches and two boxes of candles. Karen, pick up a case of soap. Why do you need all those candles? We’re thinking of opening a candlelight restaurant. And all that soap? Are your customers going to have to shower before they eat? We’re just going to the hills to rough it for a while. For a while? For the rest of your lives, looks like. Maybe. What’s the tab? $.. Mister, I certainly appreciate this. Along with that money, let me give you some good advice. As long as I ain’t bound to take it. Lock up the store, take all the merchandise you can carry and hide it. Why? What for? You’ll know soon enough. This is my advice and it’s free. But you can’t sell goods if you got them hid. Now, that’s crazy. I gave you some advice, but like you said, you ain’t bound to take it. Anything else? Is the hardware store open? Not yet, but I can hustle him down here. Will you call him for me? Got a dime? That’s it. Ed, get down to your store right away. A crazy fellow’s been in here, just bought $ worth of goods. Yeah, in cash. Now he’s looking for a hardware store. I thought of you. Figured it might be worth, say, % of what he buys. No, I ain’t heard no explosion. Just got up. No, I ain’t had the radio on. Main roads must be clogged. It’s starting to fan out this way now. Ed, I’m going home and pack some things, we’re getting out of here. Honey, I told you before, we’re a long way from LA. We’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m scared. The radio said it could be a nuclear attack. “Unconfirmed,” it said. Look, we’re still alive, aren’t we? We’ll talk about it tonight. Now go on, honey. Morning. You’d think they’d keep broadcasting. This whole thing has got my wife jumping out of her skin. Figure LA’s had it? I don’t know. Where do you keep your handguns? I don’t carry many of these. This .’s magnesium, light as a feather. How do you load it? It’s real easy. Here. Slip it back in. All right, I’ll buy it.