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? Anonymous Ashok Kumar (ANushKu) What ? Anonymous Ashok Kumar Games Aa-Nush-Ku Anonymous one with no name ? Do you know what an Anonymous would be called in our Courts ? Ashok Kumar ?! Ashok Kumar I thought there would be some deep meaning to it. I just realized that I have never called you by your name. Sandhya.. means.. evening.. Even my Jeep was stuck at the place where your wife’s car was found. I need all the information about that incident. Like places you searched her for, all the things you found. days after she went missing, a loud screaming noise was heard from that mountain. I had never thought I would not see her and my baby again. Did you miss your child too that day ? She was months pregnant when she went missing. Gautham Games there is some connection here. Guddada Bootha is responsible for all these things. I called everyone again. cases were pregnant. That too, in cases on the family knew that she was pregnant. I think every time on that day a pregnant women gets disappeared. Only the doctor can know who is pregnant, except the family. And he is the only doctor around here. He was not there the day Indu went missing. Don’t act in haste. Don’t do anything if you are not % sure. So what now ? Police is behind us. Should I wait until he tells me in my ear ? Leave that to me. What problem do you have ? I feel like puking in the morning from few days. I feel very tired. I am having a craving for sour food. You don’t worry. Our doctor is expert in making kids! Go get teas. From how many days are you feeling this ? from days. Have you consulted any other Doctors ? No Are you married ? I did not see your Mangalya locket. Dont get me wrong. Do you have any boyfriend ? Come inspector! Are you not feeling well ? I am fine I am searching for Gautham, that new guy. I saw him last time at Hegde’s event. Not after that. Let me know if you see him anywhere. There would be a girl with him. One of my patients is using the toilet. Call me if you get to know anything about him. Open the door! Whats happening here?