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to learn cryptography. What’s this one? Hot line. First direct link between Washington and Moscow. Probably prevented World War III. You gotta name? How do I know you’re not the enemy? Oh sorry, uh Snowden. Ed Snowden. Hank Forrester. Where’d you study, Snowden? Mostly I’m self-taught. You can tell me if you’re busy, but is that a Cray-? Why yes. Yes, it is. The first supercomputer. We get all of this on a cell phone now. Yes. So you’re an engineer? Am I an engineer? Instructor and counselor, too. I’m supposed to keep an eye on you CTs. Make sure you don’t buckle under the pressure. Turn to drugs and booze. Well, you won’t have that problem with me. I don’t drink or do drugs. What is your sin of choice? Computers. Well then, Snowden. You’ve come to the right little whorehouse. The frontlines in the global war on terror are not in Iraq or Afghanistan. They’re here. In London. Berlin. Istanbul. Any server. Any connection. The modern battlefield is everywhere. Which means you don’t have to sit in a ditch eating MREs or dodging mortar fire. It means that if there is a another / it’ll be your fault. Just as the last one was my generation’s. Believe me, you do not want to live with that burden. We’re gonna start with an aptitude test. Each of you is gonna build a covert communications network in your home city. You’re gonna deploy it, back up your site, destroy it and restore it again. Point of this exercise is to keep your infrastructure up and running securely. The average test time is five hours. If you take more than eight, you will fail. Mr. O’Brien? I’m done, sir. You don’t have to tell me when you’ve completed a stage. No, I finished the whole thing. It’s been minutes. . What? minutes. Okay. Let’s see where you screwed up. You didn’t say we had to do it in order sir, so I Radio I broke the sequence to save time, and I automated the backup process to run as I built the site. Eyes on the screens. Mr. O’Brien? So, what should I do now? Whatever you want. Are you this pale in real life? Hey. Hi. Finally. Yeah. Sorry.