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Yeah, you alright, Frank? Long time no see, ey? Yeah, I’m walking straight, y’know? Oh yeah? Yeah. That’s nice, innit? That’s nice. What can I do for you? Frances here? It’s just that, y’know, I’ve been outside your parent’s house the last couple of weeks. They haven’t told me that she left so I, y’know game I’ve been standing underneath her her window like a fool. Yeah, she’s here. Yeah, I know. Reggie, I game What? I haven’t seen her like this in a long time. She’s delicate. Right. Alright. Well you tell Frances to come out here. I want her to come out here. Go get her. Reggie, I’m not going to let you see her, alright. Don’t about. Frances, go back inside. What are you doing? Do not worry. It’s OK. Hello, Reggie. Hello, Frances. Have you got a moment? So that we can chat? It’s alright. Are you sure about this? Go in, son. Go put a kettle on. Frankie, come home. I am home. At least until I find somewhere else. I can’t go and live with my mum. Well what can I do to change your mind? You can’t. I’ve changed my mind about one thing, though. What’s that? I do want you to remember me game always. That I existed game that I once walked beside you. What are you on about? Frankie, come on. I always imagined game I thought that we might have a child or two, y’know? Why? So you could use them to threaten me? No. Because I still love you. No. No, it’s just a thing you say out of loyalty for something that didn’t exist in the first place. Not true. Loving you is the only thing that holds me together. Y’know, I dreamt that we could live beyond the place that we were meant for. But you’re a gangster and you love being one. No. No, Frances, listen. Please let me make amends for the suffering and the pain that I have cause you. Please. Please. Just let me take you somewhere. Somewhere? Yeah, anywhere. Anywhere you want. Yeah, just the two of us. So we can be together. It’ll be like our second honeymoon. Or not. Just so that you can know that I can change. To be fair, I have game I’ve changed. All I’m saying is that the center