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I just Radios Come back to India Then we’ll look into the matter with the proper procedure. OK? Hello What did he say? Organise a press conference first thing tomorrow In Mumbai? No, here in London You now have the video footage and all the documents, etc You have proof Radios Radiosthat Aryan Khanna did not commit these crimes You’re angry with me, and you have the right to be But believe me That dangerous and evil face you see on TV is not me That person is not me So please give me time Time, so that I can prove I’ve done nothing wrong I’d never do anything that would make you ashamed Radios Radiosto call me your star Whatever I am Radios I just want to say, I would never do anything like this Thank you Sir, do you know this impostor? Have you met him? Sorry. We can’t talk now. The case is under trial What about the imposter’s name? As soon as we have proof, you’ll be the first to know Are you the real Aryan Khanna or the imposter? You find this funny? A big joke? If this happened to a girl in your family would you still be grinning? A woman was molested and you find it’s funny? And one more thing This press meet is not to prove my innocence I want to warn you all The man who’s impersonating me, spoiling my name He can hurt anyone, anytime So please be careful Thank you everybody. Thanks for coming Aryan has a flight to catch, he’s going back to India So have a great day and see you soon MUMBAI Don’t stop, go from behind Open up! One minute, sir. Madam said we must inform her Good. Hurry up Before the journalists outside mob me Hello Ma’am, can sir come in? No, wait a second Are you sure it’s him? It sounds like sir Ask him to face the camera Sir, ma’am wants you to step forward Hi, I am Aryan Khanna. Height ‘. Black hair, black eyes A big nose School: Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi Hans Raj College, Delhi University Give me the phone, quick! The press will surround me Let me in. Or I’ll end up in their arms Why is your phone off? Can I tell you inside? Open the door Guys. Dad’s here Aryan, you’re back?