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two months Actually we were both practicing How pretty is she You know what? Let me start with the young one Radiosand I’ll come back for the experience We’ve found Chandna In the corridor, across from where you’re dancing I’m not dancing Chandna is on the dance floor What the hell is wrong with him? I was dancing. He started touching me here, there, everywhere I don’t know. You’ll have to do something Get him out I don’t care What the hell are you doing? Mr. Bhutiani? Where do you think you are? Calm down, Mr. Bhutiani What happened? That girl is like my daughter Is this how you film stars behave? I’m really sorry, ladies. I’m sorry I’ll explain. The guy who was here wasn’t me Nonsense It was somebody else I’m Aryan Khanna I’m Aryan Khanna What nonsense! You known me for years I love you guys. I’d never harm you people That person wasn’t me I suggest you leave Keep back! Stop the car! No one has given me the interaction script minutes to show time. ls there a delay? What? The show’s cancelled They’ve boycotted the show Sponsors have also pulled out Nobody came, not a soul Whats wrong with you? You wimp Watch where you’re going? Media playing up the story The wedding video has gone viral “Given Khanna’s status, he must take responsibility for his actions “Is he attention-seeking? “Movie stars forget that one day they’ll be has-beens “Stars must go through traumas. Look at what his done “lt’s a crime if an ordinary man misbehaves Radios “ Radiosif it’s a star it’s a stunt. Why these double standards Radios “ Radiosfor stars? A criminal is a criminal” Hello Hello, sir. It’s me, Aryan. I’m calling from London I know you are in London, but what’s going on? A Delhi boy is impersonating me, committing crimes We have to arrest him But the crimes are committed outside of India We can’t arrest him. It’s not in our jurisdiction Must we wait till he commits a crime in India? His name is Gaurav Chandna Find me his Delhi address. It will help You don’t teach me my job But who shall we arrest? You’re the accused, Aryan