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his surf holiday in Israel. Reportedly he fell in love. I once had stings in one day. I confused everything just like you. We have beehives at home. If you want I can show them to you. Good choice, good choice. A little older, new to the neighbourhood, experienced. A lot of things right. What are you talking about? You eyed the rabbi like an animal. Believe me she likes you, too. Why do you think that? Body language. it’s like reading ones mind. It’s impossible to hide. You’re gonna get her. It won’t be easy but I have a few ideas. I’d rather not. Yes, yes. You got a camera? Listen Ben, I’m not interested in your ideas, k? Simon. Hello. h, you’re here again as well. Hello Mrs Grunberg. Is that Games Have you finished ‘Sweet Juices’? Congratulations Mrs Grunberg. Not a lot of copies. But yeah. For whom of the three winemakers does Fabienne go for at the end? Ben, I’m happy about your interest. But I think we shouldn’t be talking about that kind of literature anymore. You don’t mind if I take a peak, do you? Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. No problem, right? Alright. I’ll go into the room so you guys can talk. I know you prefer to pick your own stuff, but I thought you might like this. Oh cool. Cool. Thank you. You’re welcome. I know it’s not that easy right now, but you’re being brave. I’d like to take a trip with you. There are a few people whose story you should hear. Dad says you only need some time before you come back. Probably not, right? I want to be truthful with you. I don’t know. Can’t you be friends? We’ll see. Ben? Did you just Games Your mother is a great artist. I admit, maybe it was too much with the song. I’ve written a poem this time. May I read it? It’s called ‘Ode to the missing foreskin’. That’s great, Henning. Maybe at the end of the session. We have a guest today Welcome Simon to a session for victims of genital mutilation. Hello Simon. Hello Simon. Simon seeks counsel. His dad is urging him to get circumcised. Raphael hasn’t been reprocessing for long. It’s common to get spontaneous emotional