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It actua y, ike, brought a itt e tear to my eye. I know, it’s super cheesy, but it’s not cheesy, it’s cute. He o, he o. Come, come, come. My birdy te you fortune, okay? He’s a poor fortune te er. That’s ike a that’s ike a tourist trap. We , yeah, it’s so awesome. P ease sit down. Aw. Right. Sha we speak in French, Ita ian, German, Eng ish, American Eng ish? Eng ish. American Eng ish, yes. Okay. So Radio Uh, ady first. Okay? Yes. What wou d you ike to know? Fortune hea th, study, ove, ove. Of course. A adies want to know about now. A ways. Okay. First, you sha move the cards. Okay? Okay. Because it’s your fortune. There. Okay. I wi give it to the birdy to pick. Okay? Okay. Okay. The birdy wi decide your fortune. I wi et the birdy out. Okay? Oh, hey. Oh my god, it’s so cute. Okay, that’s pretty cute. Aw! What’s he doing? He’s indecisive. Oh. Oh my god! Oh, that was awesome. I’m impressed. So, here is your fortune. Oh, thank you. You read. Okay? ” ove can be iken to a tree, “when it is b ossoming, wait for fruit with Patience, “of course the precondition of our marriage is that both of you have a disposition for getting a ong we. Thank you for your h.K. do ars.” That’s it? But the birds were cute. Right? Oh, sorry. No good? It’s good. Oh, birdy no good? No, it’s fine. Okay, nevermind. I te you fortune, for rea. Okay? No charge. You know what? I’m actua y a fortun out, but why don’t you do him? I te your fortune. Okay? Yes. Te my fortune. Okay. Good. Come here. Oh. I te your fortune, from your face. Oh, okay. This side doing it? Okay. My god. What? Everything okay? Very big nose. Is that a fortune, or is that just ike, a statement? No, no, no. Big nose means much money. Okay? Oh. Wow. ots of money. Shou d I be offend by this? Not at a. It doesn’t sound he hasn’t even gotten to your ears yet. Okay. But, you have to wait unti you are. Oh. Big nose, much money, when you are. Unti I’m , a right. Right. Are you married? Me? No, no, no, no. I think maybe come very c ose. Yes. I think maybe you’re engaged. I was. Ah. Too bad.