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I love you so much. Bye. With your bullshit, I lost miles on Keriou. Thanks. Thanks a lot! Come on. You don’t just lose a raft like that! Must’ve attached it poorly. During one of your anemic attacks. Right? Don’t mess with me. Tell my sister what you like, but I’m no fool. Tell me the truth! I’m not alone. What are you saying? Are you kidding? No, I have a kid on the boat. He got on in the Canaries. That was game months ago! Yeah, he was hiding. He was hiding for months? I didn’t see him. What can I say? I’m in deep shit, that’s all! Why didn’t you tell me? I had no choice! I thought I could resolve it on my own. Drop him somewhere. I couldn’t toss him overboard. Did Mag see him? Yeah, but she won’t talk. Damn, I can’t believe it. Did he have the anemia? Yeah. And the raft, too? Yeah. I’m on my way. What do you mean? I’m coming to get him. No, I’ll manage game I’m coming. No, don’t come. You can still win this race. Don’t screw it up. What’s with you? I’ll manage. It’s my race. th Day Off the Coast of Brazil Yann th You lied for months! You said we were a team. But no! I feel like a fool. What do you want me to say? When you’re at sea, exhausted, far away game It’s not easy to make game Listen, don’t be mad at me. Franck has to pull the truth out of you. We’re together, and you tell me nothing! Well, I screwed up, OK. It’s true. But when you’re alone at the end of the world game You’re not alone! You really piss me off! Mano, come see. There’s Initiatives Cœur of Keriou! We’re going to get him! Be discreet. Careful game Hide. You see him? Kermadec? What happened to you? My mainsail track got half torn off. My spinnaker’s out of order. Shit! You OK? Yeah, I’m OK. Go for it! rd Day The Azores Yann rd Yes? Yann for Franck! Yann, I see you, I’m a mile starboard. Franck, are you crazy? I’m coming! Inside! Stay inside! Go on, get him! Hurry up! Don’t be stupid, Yann! Go get him! It’s a big thing you’re doing for me! But now leave me alone! I’ll take care of him! Trust me! Don’t ruin it! Stop! I gotta handle it.