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Big Adn Small But today, to break in this very nice lighter, I’ll make an exception. You know everything, Josette, tell me how this lighter got on my desk. I don’t know. Are you sure? Yes. What about you? I don’t know either. Children, this is by far the nicest gift I’ve ever gotten. Or at least the most thoughtful. But it’s not my birthday or my name day. So why the lighter? , you tell me. I don’t know. Are you sure? I swear! You, Brigitte? I don’t know. Of course not. If doesn’t know, neither do you. You, Catherine? I’d tell you if I knew. I believe you. Then who gave me this lighter? No one? Thanks. Thanks, no one. Know how much it’s worth? I’d guess or francs. I almost bought you the same one not long ago. But since you lose everything, I balked at the price. It cost , francs. What? Old francs. Are you sure? That complicates things game Quiet! We have something to settle. Whoever bought me this lighter still won’t admit it? No one has anything to say? Sit down. Listen to me. Each of you has an envelope before you. Open it. game, how many students in the class? . That’s right. Each envelope contains francs. Who can tell me what times is? . Good, Catherine. game francs. The price of the lighter. Do you understand? I gave each of you francs. Now we’re even. All right? Can we spend it? Of course. You’ll soon have the chance. What happens Sunday? The fair! Another franc bill! What did you do, rob a bank? Thank you! Is it good? Yes! Fantastic! You’re good for business, Mr. Doucet. Did you find out anything about the lighter? No. If my husband got an expensive lighter, I’d wonder game The next day, Catherine Roussel’s behavior changed. Settle down, kids, the fair’s over. Time to get serious. We’ll start with this month’s grades, the secondtolast of the year. game, hand them out. Yes, sir. The girls beat the boys again this month. Not by much, just a half mark. First is Arnaud. , good work. Second, William game, /, no change there. Third, Sylvie Bourgeon, . Fourth, another boy game Georges Couzevelou. Fifth, Catherine Roussel, down places.