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Come on! Look at the readouts. Can you correlate the pulses to the behavior? What’s this peak right here? When I staring firing at the alpha shark, the smaller ones started defending him. That’s the peak. If we record enough of these signals, we may be able to decipher the code that the alpha shark is using to control the other sharks. Yep. Ishiro, get that rocket ready to launch! Munro, follow me! Sir, with your permission, I’d like to stay behind and monitor the shark’s bioelectrics. I think we could use it against him. You get that shark to follow me. I don’t care what it takes. How exactly are you gonna control the shark? We don’t need to control it. We just need to mimic it. If we figure out the signal it uses to send a command to attack, we become the alpha shark. Quick. She’s welded in. Come on. Let’s get this on the rocket. You got this? Yeah. Munro. I’m sorry I never did this sooner. Wait. Okay, go. Come on. Gotta go, go, go. Oh! Oh, my God. Uh, yeah, yeah. In here. In here. Get in here. Now stay down. Okay, stay down, okay? You stay here till I come and get you, all right? Come on, mate! Come on. Stop! Help me. Help me. She’s close. Lots of fast bursts. I got it! Micropulses. Directional micropulses. That’s how she’s doing it. I got it! I got the code! Come over here! Come on! What’s she doing? Come on! Shaw! Get out of there! Come on. Shaw! Yes, yes, yes. Initiating countdown. , , Games , , Games , , Games Games , , Games , , . Come on! I’ve recorded the signals. I’ve reconfigured the hydrophone to transmit. We should be able to send the signal like this. If it works, the school will attack the alpha. It’s working. It’s working. It’s not working. Something’s wrong. Doc, we gotta go. She’s coming for us. She’s targeting us! We gotta go. Get out of here! It’s gonna be okay. Come on. We’ve still got a few escape boats left. We can get away before it goes down. Let’s get out of here. They make jackets today to be thrown out tomorrow, just so a gang of capitalists can earn their money. It’s systematic