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How’d you hear that, Melvin? Did you tattle-tale on us? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I did. Someone has to stand up for the Man. No one has to stand up for the Man. That’s the whole point of the Man. He stands up for himself, Melvin. Respectfully disagree. Attention, everyone. Principal Krupp here with an announcement. This Saturday is the mandatory Invention Convention. Boo! Oh, what? Yes! That’s our third Saturday this month! You must be here with your inventions at : am. ls there no justice? I know that’s early for Saturday, but don’t worry. You should be done by pm. Tree house? Tree house. Welcome to the world headquarters of Tree House Comix, Inc. Yep. This is where the magic happens. Not, like, actual magic. No, we’re not practicing the dark arts. No, here we just hang out and make comics and try to make each other laugh. That’s how we became friends. This is me in kindygarten. And this is me. George and I aren’t friends yet. But we’re about to be. The seventh planet from the sun is called Uranus. Scientists refer to Uranus Your anus.