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Long live… I, Amarendra Bahubali… I. Amarendra Bahubali Will protect the land and people And take over as king Bhallaldev’s war commander I will not fear any dangers and will even scarifice my life to protect my people keeping mother queen Sivagami as witness and promise before you all. Bahubali… Long live… Mazhilmadhi, since the time I know I always wanted you as mine ln my dream everyday I kept you on head. After so many years and wars. You’ve come to me now, But why i am not able to feel you? When I keep you on my head Why are you keeping him on your head? Bhalla, today you are the king so order to kill bahubali There is no one to oppose you, so kill him now I have power only to rule but full control is still with queen mother I first need to change her… Change mother queen? The sun never rises in west… It may not rise in the west, But I will set it down in East You feeded a snake all these years. It began to spit poison now In few days, its going to bite you You never understand what I say.. << Subtitle by Vinsebby >> I feel I separated you from your family l feel sad about it.. My mother’s anger is only till we give her a grandson Keep all these here, Keep the flowers there Are you waiting for Mother? Yes she will certainly come.. I Know… Katappa…. Yes princess. What gift have you brought? l am slave, who has no right to even bless you. What can l give you? l will ask you onething, Can you give? In our tradition, when the baby is born, grand father will receive the baby first We both have lost our father’s… So will you receive our son as a grandfather? I am not eligible to even stand next to you but you are respecting me so much I will receive your child not in my hand but on my head Queen mother is coming Mother… You are carrying our kingdom’s heir Take good care… You lost your rights to call her as mother Now she has come only as a Queen Am I late? Its ok… For the tiger to be born… I have bought tiger skin for him Your uncle hunted this tiger… Really? If you have Bahubali’s knife on had And Bahubali’s words in your Even a baby can kill a tiger… The king is coming Devasena, I am going to give you a very special gift… What is it, king? A pregnant lady dont want gold or money Her husband’s presence… Bahu, You are forgetting your wife while working for the kingdom So I’m relieving you as a commander and pass your role to Sethupathy I obey your decision, my king This drama is happening in front of you and you are watching it like an idol? Devasena, you didn’t understand our tradition King has the rights to decide on who has to do what… Reason.. Mother Queen, a good man’s silence is more bad than a bad man’s lie for kingdom don’t you know that.. Replacing a great warrior Bahubali’s role with a dog? How can you be silent? Devasena… Whoever came here has already gifted me You have not given anything, will you give me what l ask for? I want you to be the king of Mazhilmadhi lt is the wish of me and our people.. You always say making people’s wish come true is justice Fulfil our wishes… Mother…