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done more than your duty as a citizen. Of course, the fact that you could still do more, that you’ve been trained and you have an obligation to your country, maybe that’s what’s bothering your conscience. Is that what this is? Yes. Yeah, that’s what it is. You’re right. Ann, I’m warning you. I’m not afraid of you not forgiving me for kissing that girl, because I’ve got an excuse, but it’ll be on your head if you make me tell you. You’re going to be sorry. Now, this is your last chance. Are you gonna forget what you saw in the office or not? Certainly not. All right. Dave, this is your last chance. Mike! The hell with you. I was kissing that girl in the performance of my duty. I’m a member of the FBI. You’re separated from the Service. I’m too much of a lady to spit in your eye. But I’ll tell you this. I’m ashamed of you. I gave you credit for much better than that. I’m telling you the truth. You’re out! You in the FBI. An assistant chemistry professor. An assistant registrar in charge of admissions. Do you know what the game Do you know what the scientists work at in Columbia University? Germ warfare. Radioactivity. Shut up! Have you any idea what some country would give just to know the names of these scientists so they could tell what fields we’re working in? And do you know who has all these names? Me. Right here in my head. That’s the reason the FBI put me on the job. That’s the reason I’ve stayed on the job. On orders. You’ve talked enough! I don’t believe you. When could you have joined the FBI? I always knew where you were. I joined while I was in the Army. I was trained while I was in the Army. Well, you read in the papers every day about undercover FBI men. Where do you think they come from? The stork? And you don’t mind if the government doesn’t want us to tell our wives, do you? You big knowitall, you think you’re so smart, huh? Remember that tall girl he had here, the one with the Italian haircut, the one you didn’t think was so bright? Well, she’s an FBI agent, too. Shut your mouth! I’ll show you how