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Bike Rider Shin Chan Cu 2 They’re celebrating. Going after pirates. Some of them might not be coming back. How about a milkshake? No milkshake. The girls want beers. Just one, though. No wonder we can’t get a pay raise. All our money goes to these clowns so they can chase pirates. Makes me sick. They get lost every time they go to sea! Settle down. Don’t listen to him. You know what? They couldn’t find the east when the sun is shining. Hey, no trouble. Understand? Taibo, get the check. Right now. Hey, officer chen, I hear you’re going away. Yeah. Oh. To Beijing? No, Taiwan. Then take extra care. I hear there’s pirates there. With our Navy protecting the seas, you’d be better off walking. Somehow it seems safer. Sailors can’t hold their beer. Some spilled beer. There is nothing more to it. Let’s go. Hold it. You got some on me. I’m sorry. You should be. I’ll give you two choices. You can say you’re sorry, or you can game Don’t play games with me. Fight, then. You take this! ¶¶ Huh? That’s the cops fighting sailors. What is going on here? Hands up, all of you! Do you know who I am? Yes, you’re the police! Enough! Assaulting a police officer is a serious felony! Arrest them! Uncle? Find an exit. Yes. You can’t do this without good cause. For what purpose are my men being detained? Only some are being detained. Yes. All of my best navigators. Perhaps you don’t want us to set sail. They’re the ones that started it. I hope you don’t expect me to believe that. The cops were fighting too. Attention! Thanks to the captain’s generosity, you are all released in my custody. All right! And no more trouble! Father? Go home, child. Admiral, sir. I just want to say we’re sorry. I want no apologies. You should know I would’ve done the same thing. I never could stand the company of those insufferable policemen. Get out! Come. Let’s go. Attention! Forward march! One, two. Company halt! Present arms! Shoulder arms! Sailors, our mission is to lock these pirates up. Yes, sir! When we catch them, what’s our motto? Sir, never let them escape! If you’re wounded, what’s your motto?