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Does everyone have two pig heads and two cow heads? SNORTING Are there any questions? Yes. It’s one MOC? It’s one MOC, but it can be how many buildings you want. Make up the story as much as you want, and then have a lot of fun with it. Use all the pieces, use all the set, as much as you like. You’ll have one and one half hours to build. Are we ready? ALL: Yeah! Go! So, the idea behind this is that they should be fighting for something. It’s a battle or some type of pigs versus cows. See, this is always like, you know, why does it always have to be battles? Maybe whoever wins stays alive. Stays alive. Yeah. INDISTINCT CHATTER Contestants, you now have fifty-nine minutes and fifty-one seconds left! Pressure! Oh, stress! I hate building under stress. How are things going, what’s your process here? You can build anything with anything. Right, right. So, come up with a good story first, and then make the pieces do what you need them to do. Interesting. Build a story. This is the first time we’ve heard someone talking about story, which I know was very important in this contest. He’s like a cyborg. So he’s half-cow, half-robot. Yeah. Yes. It’s a “cowborg.” Oh, that’s a good idea. Do I need bigger horns? Yeah, much more horny. You pig. Some of the stories at some point just got really ridiculous and crazy. And yet, because we were going to a fan event, it was kinda fun to let it almost progress a little bit further than we normally would. It’s a “cow-tapult.” MEN LAUGHING Dave, Stacy, how’s the competition going so far? We have a lot of pieces, but I think we’re on the right track. Josh, why don’t you tell us what you guys are working on? JOSH: We have a little house of ill repute going on here. It’s a cow club, but the pigs have come in. He’s relieving himself in the bush right here. Yeah, he’s super-fast. He’s turning round, round this guy. I’m expecting some people to look at them and go game Really? Is this the best you got? The LEGO fans don’t know they’ll be competing against LEGO designers until Jamie shows up.