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Bird head Frenzy Will be drilled out of you. Wow! Holy smoke! I expect all of you to be disciplined police officers game The game y one’s mine. By the time I’m finished with you. She’s hot! Front and center. The noise, cadets, what’s it about? There were two girls up there. That’s right. We were talking about them. You should’ve seen them. You better start repeating it. How many? Ten thousand. Yes, sir! Do you see what I see? Holy smoke! The game y one’s mine. Do you see what I see? She’s hot! Who made that noise? Step out of rank. I did, sir. Center. You’re responsible? I admit it, sir. A lot of noise for just one man. I have a large mouth. Suppose you tell me your punishment. To go and laugh , times. Guardsmen, shoot the man. Huh? The game y one’s mine. She’s hot. Do you see what I see? Do you see what I see? The game y one’s mine. Attention! About face! About face! About face! Double time, march! Reporting, inspector Tze. The prisoner fainted before we could fire. We’ll let his fear serve as an example. Holy smoke. Do you see what I see? The game y one’s mine. She’s hot. Do you see what I see? Holy smoke. Quiet! The game y one’s mine. Ow! In my dream, I was kicking Tze’s behind. I’m going back to sleep. Today, some of you trainees game Will be learning the correct use of a hand grenade. This is a hand grenade, a most powerful weapon. Now, I’ll give a demonstration. Pull the pin, and always be sure to throw it in five seconds. Boom! Big explosion. Got it, men? Yes, sir! Jaws, go find it. Yes, sir! Did you switch them? Yep. Let’s see how you handle it. Sergeant, try it. Uh, yes, sir! Sir, the sergeant is not prepared. What do you mean? Better if you show us again. Okay. All of you watch me this time. Hey, you’re making me look stupid. I switched them. That’s a live grenade. You pull the pin, and when the enemy is within range you take aim. Hey, that’s a live grenade! Look out! Company, be seated. Our first assignment is to arrest the gangster chan ho. A reliable source tells us that our man is hiding at the v.I.P. Club.