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Bird’s Town recover Game Uh Game huh. Game All right then. Don’t worry. And don’t wait up. He’s a fine boy, Sabra. Remember that. This is sensational! This little gadget not only digs but deworms. Fertilizes. And plants seeds all at the same time! Wonderful invention. I hate to take up your time. But one of Cameron’s henchmen Scarface just sang out about that sewage mess. Only died of typhoid fever, remember? But Cameron will probably worm out of it. He always has. When? I don’t care if he does. I’ll print this. Yes, sir. Sweet spirits of Rosemary! Game I’ll print this! Game Oh boy! I’m just dying to try out this little gadget. Well, that’s . Tell the new Managing Editor if anyone asks for me I’ll be in my garden. Yeah Games Yeah Games holy cat! Oh boys! Tell our publisher to hurry that new managing editor. And bring me new ribbon for my typewriter. Six hams on rye. And a jug of coffee. And an osteopath. Holy cats! Would you mind letting me in on this? Cameron just gave himself up to Pringle. Hello. Call my wife and tell her not to fire the gardener I beg your pardon, Miss Sabra. But that Mr. Hollister is here again. I told you not to let him in. I didn’t let him in. You’ll find him on the front steps. Oh. Oh!! Darling! Are you hurt? How dare you hit him! Oh he didn’t. I ran against the door. But I put the door there. Why didn’t you answer my phone calls? I can’t hear. Then why didn’t you answer my notes? Can’t read. And my flowers? I know. You can’t smell. Well, this makes the picture perfect. Now you can’t see. You’re still as stubborn and ornery as our old mare. We finally had to shoot her. If you think I’m going anywhere with you, you’re crazy. That’s not the scenery moving. It’s us. What’s so funny? You. And thinking about how a politician can’t change his spots. Your father tells me he’s going to learn how to play poker now. So I can out battle old Squire Cane. Boy, that’ll be a bout Spring Valley will never forget. Spring Valley? I’m getting out of the next filling station. Well, what are you grinning about? Well, it takes muscles to frown and Games Only to grin.