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Where are you going? Caleb. Peter’s in love with you, okay? It’s my brother. I’m sorry. in’ . Pretty sure I told you I’d shoot you if I saw you on my property again. Ye , I guess you didn’t take that seriously. Not really. Did you just your brother’s girlfriend? Of course you did, you piece of . Well, are you gonna tell him, or should I? Oh, no, you’re not gonna tell him a goddamn thing, Donald. Of course I am. Jesus, he’s my son. So? I’m your son. I’m your son, Donald! I’m your son! You left me, you remember? You left me, ’cause I in’ found you out. Why don’t you tell me something? Why don’t you tell me how much of a ing coward you have to be to erase your son? Oh, hey, hold on a second. Come on, I tried to reach out. I found out where your place is, and I tried to come over a couple of times. I’ve lived less than two miles away from you for more than eight years, Dad. You were my in’ hero. No. No. Peter. Hi. Who’d you think it was gonna be? I thought-I thought it was gonna be you. Sorry. Are you okay? Ye . You’re not gonna tell him, not ever, ’cause if you do, I’ll tell him your secrets, and he won’t ever speak to you again. I know you don’t want to die lonely, Dad. You look kind of sweaty. I was having a bad dream. What? Oh. Did-did you want to sleep in here? Ye . I was just- I was just thinking, do you think we could try again? Well, thanks, Dad. It was an experience, as usual. My pleasure. You two are sweet as sugar together. Thank you very much, Donald, for having me. Okay. Well. Well. All right. Peter, could you- hang back just for a second, will you? I’ll meet you inside. Okay. I don’t know where to start. I haven’t been a perfect father. I want you to know that I know that. I’ve made mistakes, some of which were unavoidable. You know, I can’t really be held responsible for those, but game What I’m trying to say game You know, you’re old enough now to know that sometimes people do things that- that they know are wrong, but they- they just do ’em anyway, ’cause- ’cause to do the right thing might be too painful