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I do not know what I did in that moment. what happened Harini ? Dont cry thinking about me. I will come back soon. We will do one thing. You come with us. If anyone asks we will tell that you were with us from yesterday. Which way is Kamaruttu ?! I will go ask someone. Ask him the way for Kamaruttu. what ? How should we go to Kamaruttu ? There is a small road near by it seems. Harini, relax. I got scared seeing police at the hospital. Unknowingly I told my name as Indu and your name as Gautham . I grew an attachment with you. So I made up some stories about your past. I lied you that we lost all our stuff in our old house gas explosion. We started a new life at some remote place so that nobody finds out the truth. I cannot go back to my old life. I also fear of losing you. one day I will tell you everything. I don’t have enough courage yet to tell you. I am not sure if Gautham is my real name or not. I dont know anything at all. Whatever I know is just a lie! My life is just a lie! I can’t even imagine what is happening inside your head right now. But first we should find Harini . Indu Games not Harini Games her name is Indu.. Focus.. This means your wife is not dead. She is still alive! But we need to find her soon. Lets see if we can find any clue with the information we have. First missing person, , Anusuya Bhat Games complained by T R Bhat. Did you say he was a mad guy? See what happened now! Colonel Babu is not going to wake up for weeks. You dont worry about anything. I recovered her phone. If I see him again, I will kill him. Where is this phone’s memory card ? Just tell him the truth.. It will be too much for him to take it right now. , Anusuya Bhat’s number is not working. I spoke to , school teacher Kriti, also with Renuka Naik Almost done with everyone. , Rashmi Alva Games .hmmm Her husbad, Manoher Alva’s number is not getting connected. Rashmi’s car was found near Kamaruttu junction. Same place where your Jeep had got stuck. Where is their house exactly ? What is the meaning of ANushKu ? Is it like name of some god