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zero, zero eight. That’s Games It’s “BOOBS” upside down. Wow! Yeah. A gentleman, too! Ooh-Ia-Ia! Thank you, Chaz. SNARLING GUNSHOT Oh! Shoot! Dad? Whoa! This is, like, straight out of Mitchell Black! Ryan! Oh, my Rye-bread, you’re all right. We thought for sure Games No, no, I’m Games I’m okay. Hey, Stacy, did you meet Deb? She came here with Ryan, together. Where did you creep up from? Oh, I just Games came with Rye-bread. They helped each other get across town. God knows what they had to do to survive. Isn’t that swell? So helpful. Do we tip her or Games It was nothing. It was just one hand stroking the other. Friends with benefits, as they say. I’m glad you made it. Oh! Dad! Dad, look Games I’ve been thinking, I’m really sorry for what I said on the phone last night. I’ve been thinking all day and I was worried those would be the last words we ever said to each other. Could I see you in the kitchen for a moment? I need a little help with my brownies. Mr Waverly? Hi. Hi. I always help him with the brownies. Hey, Deb, how much you bench? Right now? Yeah. Forty? How could you be so boneheaded? Stacy’s here. She’s not family. Stacy’s inner circle. She’s been here since last night, for God’s sake. She has? The point is, I spoke with the Governor on the shortwave. He’s arranged a chopper evac at the county line at hours tomorrow. For the four of us, not five. I’m sure Deb can squeeze in. Oh! You’re a big man now all of a sudden, huh? Why did I not get the memo? Well, this is bigger than you are, smart guy! And you’d know that if you’d listened on the phone last night, instead of blathering on about your principles. Wait, so you knew last night that people were gonna turn into zombies? No, no, no, no. These people aren’t Games what you said. They’re just ordinary citizens, who happen to have contracted a parasite-borne virus that makes their corporal bodies decompose and gives them an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Oh, my God! The water. Now, Ryan, come on, it’s just a very complicated situation. All right?