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Well, make up your mind, or we’ll have to leave you here. I’ll go with you. All right. Get some clothes. We’ll meet you outside. We’ll have to move them. Where to? Out in the barn. That’s all we got time for. I want the other one to think that these two left with the girl. Here. Harry, you can’t go on torturing yourself. I killed two men. I tried to kill them, too, but I missed. I just wasn’t a good enough shot. I looked for the worst in others and I found it in myself. You brought Marilyn here. That was kind and good. Even that was Rick’s idea. How’s Karen? I can’t face her. It will take time, but she’ll be all right. She’s more worried about you than she is about herself. About me? Go talk to her, darling. I think it’ll help you both. Would you like to come along and take a look at my rabbit traps? Maybe this is the day we’ll catch one. Come on. No rabbit stew tonight. Sorry, Marilyn. I think I’ll go back to camp now. I’ll go with you. No. Why don’t you get a hammer and knock them back in? Hey, we’re out of kerosene. That will mean open fires. And firewood. That will be your department. Thanks a lot. An open fire will be like a neon sign out here. You know what I’m thinking of, don’t you? Carl. That means we’ll have to stand guard hours a day. Thanks. Here are the Radios bulletins. Operation Survival is rapidly taking effect. Authorities report that many areas are responding to discipline. But control has not yet been established in many rural and mountain areas in the state. People in such areas are urged to maintain strict caution and vigilance. Relocation centers have been established and are operating in the following sections of this state Radios For Los Angeles, Malibu. For the San Fernando valley, Thousand Oaks. The southern portion of the Sierra Nevada Range, Wheaton. Wheaton. That’s us. We can get out of here. How far is Wheaton? miles from Claxton. People. Civilization. Some civilization. What’s the matter, dear? All our friends are probably dead. Our house, my school. Everything’s gone. Everything’s changed.