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Bold Hunter The feeling is mutual. Merwyn. Yes? Has Mrs Witley had her dinner? I placed a tray before her, but she didn’t want it. I’ll take her up something a little later, Father. What was that? Uh, Mr Witley, I um Games noticed a strange blackened area on the way to the house. What happened there? There was a fire, Steve. A fire? Why do you say it like that? Well, did you see it? No, but Father did. Why are you so curious? Everything is dead in the area. Nothing grows. I touched a branch and it fell to ashes. My daughter had already told you. There was a fire. But, Mr Witley, no fire leaves a place like that. Father’s never allowed me to go on the heath. Why not? I don’t know. After the fire, some villagers disappeared there. No one’s ever explained what happened. I think, Susan, you’re inclined to exaggerate. I would suggest that you both Games Merwyn! What’s the matter with him? This has happened before. But he’s unconscious. It’s perfectly all right. I know exactly what to do. Susan. Come on, Steve. Steve. Mother? I’ve brought your dinner. It’s your favourite. Take it away. You must eat. Sh. Quiet, child. Listen. What is it? Sh! Quiet. Yes. Yes! Steve! What’s wrong, honey? I saw something outside the window. What? Who? I don’t know, but something was staring at me. Are you sure you weren’t imagining it? Oh, I don’t know. It’s this house! What about this house, Susan? There’s something in it, something smothering. I’m taking you away. I wish I could Games Tonight! I can’t. Why? I can’t leave Mother how she is. First she couldn’t stand the light. Now she won’t eat. It was your mother who made me promise to take you away. I want to go. We’re leaving right away. It’s impossible. Tomorrow morning, then. I’m afraid she won’t be any better in the morning. Oh, Steve. I wish I knew what to do. Steve! What? The window! Nothing. It’s your imagination. I’m not imagining it. We’ll discuss it tomorrow. Now, you have to get some rest. Oh, Steve. I love you. And I love you. Everything’s gonna be all right.