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Bouncing Cat No! You know how light pains me! Why persist in this delusion? Please, Nahum, close the curtains. Please. I wonder if you realise how like Corbin you’ve become. There’s no similarity whatsoever. I’ve uttered no incantations. Neither have I cried out to any of the other socalled Games creatures of evil. It’s only your methods that differ. And do you know why? Because I don’t believe in it. I never have believed in it. It is you who would perpetuate these blasphemies, these absurdities. Nahum, I saw your father change from an upright Godfearing man into an old man possessed of the devil. Whatever happened to my father will not happen to me. It’s already happening. I could see it happening to you, Letitia, not to me. It’s happening to all of us. There’s evidence of it all around us. There is nothing to do with Corbin Witley. Corbin was invoking the dark powers when he died. Now, his call is being answered. So that is why you sent for Stephen Reinhart. I sent for him to take Susan away. What have you told him? Nothing. Are you sure? I don’t need to tell him anything. He can see for himself. I don’t want him here. One way or another, he must leave. He is a guest here, Nahum. I will not have him interfering. Would you prefer that I went into the town and showed myself? The once beautiful Letitia Witley. Very well. A day, perhaps, but no more. Then he must leave. Well, perhaps by then you will have seen the truth. The truth? The truth is that I see the future, and all that I’ve planned will fill it with a richness we’ve never known. Yes, that is what you see. All that I can see is horror. Horror! I’m sorry, sir. This is a very large room. Big enough for a king’s banquet. There used to be many parties here in my greatgrandfather’s time. But none since? None that I remember. Why not? I don’t know. Perhaps the name of Witley no longer commands the affection and respect it once did. Is that why no one in the village would drive me out here? You had to walk all that way? Mm. The villagers have no use for us, Mr Reinhart.