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British Bulldog Time Are you listening to me? Yes, sir. I’m gonna do much worse. I am going to keep you here until you graduate. It will probably take years at this rate. I might wear you out before then. Don’t you worry about wearing me out. I’m gonna wear you out. Well? He wanted to know why I have such a bad attitude. Did he kick you out? No. He put me on pots and pans for the rest of the semester. Could be worse. Yeah, he could have smashed my kneecaps with a ballpeen hammer. God, that er. That asshole! Get up. Get up! We gotta strike back. We have to do something epic tonight Game Or else I’m gonna look like a douche bag to the entire school. Come on. You were born looking like a douche bag. Come on, Joey. Get dressed! I don’t want to, man. I want to go to sleep, dream about Jennifer. Later. It was ing humiliating, man. Okay. See, they’re up for it. You know me, man. I’m always up for it. Good. What am I up for tonight? I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. Fire hoses. That’s been done. Cherry bombs in the toilets. It’s too destructive. That would let the Dean know he got under our skin. No, it’s gotta be cooler than that. It’s gotta be something witty, something elegant. Why don’t you think about it while I take a nap? I got it. I got it. Come on. You’ll love this. Come in. Sir, Dr. Gould would like to see you right away in the quad. Check it out. It’s the Headmaster’s furniture. Try not to laugh. I’m trying. I mean, just look at this. The blotter, the pen, the teacup on my desk. Everything just as I left it last night. You know what I’d really like to do? That’s to work out here all day. I don’t suppose that would be too good for discipline, would it? I’m afraid not. Yes. Any idea who did it? Very good idea. Don’t be too hard on them. It’s much better than fire hoses in the chapel or cherry bombs in the toilet. You! Yo, Billy! And you. And you two. You gentlemen have the honor of returning this furniture Game Back to its original place. Pick up that banana. Whoa! Are there any objections? No, sir. No, sir. Yeah, sounds cool. Hey, taste test.